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Seraseq® Lymphoma DNA Products

LGC Clinical Diagnostics has developed the first set of comprehensive lymphoid cancer NGS assay reference materials allowing clinical labs performing NGS-based lymphoid testing to better develop, characterize, validate, and routinely assess lymphoid diseases by NGS assays.

Key Features and Benefits
  • First-to-market reference standard for lymphoma diseases

  • Develop and validate Lymphoid-based NGS assays with confidence using a highly multiplexed reference material containing biomarkers important in Lymphoma cancers.

  • Provide robust sensitivity to detect clinically-relevant mutations at variant allele frequencies that establish and validate assay LoD claims.

  • Mutation targets are quantitated using highly sensitive digital PCR as well as a custom NGS assay.

  • All mutations are blended against GM24385 human genomic DNA as background ‘wild-type’ material.

  • Available as purified gDNA, ctDNA, and FFPE curls for end-to-end assay performance monitoring.

  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities.

  • Guarantees consistent ground truth.


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Material # Product Name Concentration Fill Volume Total Mass
0710-3181 New  Seraseq ctDNA Lymphoma Mix WT 10 ng/μl 25 μl 250 ng
0710-3182 New  Seraseq ctDNA Lymphoma Mix AF1% 10 ng/μl 25 μl 250 ng
0710-3183 New  Seraseq ctDNA Lymphoma Mix AF0.5% 10 ng/μl 25 μl 250 ng
0710-3184 New  Seraseq ctDNA Lymphoma Mix AF0.1% 10 ng/μl 25 μl 250 ng
0710-2202 Seraseq FFPE Lymphoma DNA Reference Material 1 FFPE curl/vial 10 μm >100 ng*
0710-2203 Seraseq® Lymphoma DNA Mutation Mix 15 ng/μl 25 μl 375 ng

    * Based on Qiagen QIAamp DNA FFPE Tissue Kit and the Qubit dsDNA HS Assay.


Questions? Email CDx-Sales@lgcgroup.com or call 800-676-1881.

Seraseq Myeloid Reference Materials: DNA, RNA Fusion, ctDNA

A comprehensive set of myeloid cancer NGS reference materials in DNA, fusion RNA and ctDNA formats to maximize compatibility with existing and emerging myeloid assays. Click to view the product sheet.


Click material # for specific product details.

Product Name Format Material # Allele Freq. Conc. Fill Volume Total Mass
Seraseq Myeloid Mutation DNA Mix Purified DNA in buffer 0710-0408 5%−15% 15 ng/μL 25 μL 375 ng
Seraseq Myeloid Fusion RNA Mix Purified RNA in buffer 0710-0407 N/A 15 ng/μL 25 μL 375 ng
Seraseq Myeloid ctDNA Mix Purified ctDNA in buffer 0710-2646 WT 15 ng/µL each 25 μL each 375 ng each
0710-2647 0.10%
0710-2648 0.50%
0710-2649 1%

Email CDx-Sales@lgcgroup.com or call 800-676-1881.


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