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As part of our commitment to supporting your laboratory's research and diagnostic efforts, take a look at our most recent webinar on the challenges of liquid biopsy validation as told from real-life scenarios.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of clinical labs performing cutting-edge NGS assays. 


Challenges of Liquid Biopsy Assay Validation and Quality Control Webinar

Watch this insightful webinar as we delve into the complex world of liquid biopsy assay validation and quality control. In this session, our main speaker, Krystyna Nahlik from LGC Clinical Diagnostics, shares her expertise on overcoming the unique challenges faced in the validation process and introduces the recent and upcoming additions to the Seraseq liquid biopsy portfolio.

Additionally, we welcome Debbie Hughes from The Institute of Cancer Research in London, as our esteemed guest speaker. She presents a captivating real-world application example titled "Controls are for Life, Not Just for Validation." Drawing from her extensive experience, she explores the critical role of controls, focusing on the practical aspect of using Seracare reference materials with liquid biopsy panels and UKAS ISO 15189 accreditation.


The Liquid Biopsy Product Overview


Liquid Biopsy Product Overview


Expedite the clinical implementation and standardization of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based liquid biopsy assays with patient-like ctDNA reference samples featuring broad coverage of clinically relevant genomic alterations and variant types. Trust the industry-leading portfolio of Seraseq™ circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) reference materials to, accelerate, validate and standardize the clinical application of targeted NGS-based cell-free DNA assays.




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