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LGC Clinical Diagnostic is delighted to announce the release of our Seraseq® BRCA1/2 Large Genomic Rearrangement Products, the first set of comprehensive NGS assay reference materials for the profiling of BRCA-linked cancers that support both somatic and germline testing. These products are designed to help clinical labs performing NGS-based BRCA testing to better develop, characterize, validate, and routinely assess amplicon and hybrid capture-based targeted NGS assay. 

  • Develop, monitor, validate, and challenge your BRCA NGS assays with confidence using a highly multiplexed reference material containing biomarkers important in BRCA-driven cancers. 
  • 20 pathogenic BRCA1/2 variants (11 LGRs, 9 deletions, 5 SNVs, 4 indels, and 2 insertions).

  • Available as full process (FFPE curl) or purified genomic DNA at various allele frequencies suited for either somatic or germline testing.

  • Mutation targets quantitated by highly sensitive dPCR assays, and orthogonally analyzed by NGS.

  • All mutations are blended against the well-characterized GM24385 human genomic DNA as ‘wildtype’ background material. 

BRCA1/2 Large Genomic Rearrangement Scientific Resources

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