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Seraseq® Antepartum & Postpartum Male cfDNA

LGC Clinical Diagnostics has launched our latest NIPT products:

Seraseq® Antepartum and Postpartum T21 Male and 22q11 Male cfDNA reference materials, designed specifically for NIPT of fetal Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and microdeletion 22q11 (DiGeorge Syndrome).

Key Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with a broad range of NIPT assay methods, including SNP-based assays and assay where cfDNA size difference is essential
  • Patient-like: proprietary method preserving native cfDNA characteristics
  • The antepartum cfDNA (containing maternal and fetal cfDNA) can be diluted using the matching postpartum cfDNA (containing only maternal cfDNA) for limit of detection (LoD) studies
  • Supplied as purified cfDNA in 0.1X TE buffer for ease of use during library preparation
  • Long shelf-life of 4 years and lot-to-lot consistency


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Material # Product Name Concentration Fill Volume Total Mass
0720-1100 New  Seraseq Antepartum T21 Male cfDNA 10 ng/μl 25 μl 350-525 ng
0720-1101 New  Seraseq Postpartum T21 Male cfDNA 10 ng/μl 25 μl 350-525 ng
0720-1102 New  Seraseq Antepartum 22q11 Male cfDNA 10 ng/μl 25 μl 350-525 ng
0720-1103 New  Seraseq Postpartum 22q11 Male cfDNA 10 ng/μl 25 μl 350-525 ng


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