Who We Are

SeraCare Life Sciences is a leading partner to global in vitro diagnostics manufacturers and clinical testing laboratories. For over 30 years we have focused on the development of technologies and products to help improve the quality and safety of diagnostic tests.

Our Mission

To support clinicians and scientists in bringing the promise of precision medicine to humanity by providing the technologies that establish a framework for regulating, compiling, and interpreting diagnostic results.


Meet Our Authors


Russell Garlick, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Russell is the Chief Scientific Officer at SeraCare Life Sciences. He has worked on the development, regulatory approval and launch of a variety of technologies and assays, including an HIV patient management program, molecular genomics technologies and HIV  drug discovery systems. Prior to joining SeraCare, he was co-founder of Life Sciences Group and also served as CEO and CTO of Protein Forest, Inc. He also held executive R&D positions at PerkinElmer Life Sciences and DuPont NEN Life Sciences.


Yves Konigshofer, Ph.D.

Project Scientist

Yves is a Project Scientist at SeraCare Life Sciences and develops - and performs much of the data analysis for - precision medicine-related products. Previously, he was an R&D scientist at Agilent Technologies, where he developed LC/MS and Bioanalyzer-based molecular diagnostics. For his Ph.D. in Immunology, he studied T cell activation and created computational models thereof. During this time, he also served on an IRB, IBC and IACUC. A long time ago, he programmed BBS software and file transfer protocols.s.