Comprehensive suite of Zika virus reference materials:

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Our comprehensive suite of Zika virus reference materials meets the demands of assay development and validation for serological and PCR-based methods. These products are used by diagnostic manufacturers, researchers, and clinical laboratorians to develop, evaluate, and validate test methods. 

Download information about our new Zika serological and molecular products to learn about:

  • New data on our highly characterized Zika IgM panel using the recently EUA-approved DiaSorin LIAISON® XL Zika Capture IgM assay 
  • Cross-reactivity data for related flavivirus infections such as dengue and chikungunya
  • AccuPlex™ technology for safe, non-replicative recombinant Zika virus that closely mimics natural virus in genome size, structure, and complexity for use in PCR-based methods.

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