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A Practical Guide to Clinical Genomics Assay Validation

SeraCare Life Sciences is thrilled to partner with GenomeWeb in offering this exciting on-demand webinar, 

A Practical Guide to Clinical Genomics Assay Validation.

Dr. Bob Daber, founder of Gnosity Consults, and Dr. Russell Garlick, CSO of SeraCare discuss real-world examples that illustrate how highly multiplexed, patient-like biosynthetic reference materials offer substantial time and cost advantages over traditional materials and methods.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Specific ways you can save time and money while thoroughly validating an NGS-based clinical genomics assay
  • Validation best practices from leading clinical genomics laboratories
  • How to navigate the many guidelines and requirements of the various authoritative bodies for clinical genomics testing

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Free On-Demand Webinar and Slide Deck