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2017 AMP Annual Meeting 

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  • Informatics
    • I28 - An Interlaboratory Assessment of Complex Variant Detection using Multiplexed Positive Controls
  • Solid Tumors
    • ST51 - Assessing Sensitivity of NGS RNA Fusion Assays Using a Multiplexed and Well-Characterized Linearity Panel
    • ST79 - cfDNA Isolated and Amplified from the Plasma of Pancreatic Cancer Patients as Reference Material for ctDNA Assay
    • ST92 - Plasma Mutation Spectrum Matches Known Tumor Mutations in Active Cancer Patients
    • ST115 - An Efficient and Ultrasensitive Next-Generation Sequencing Solution for Profiling Circulating Tumor DNA
    • ST130 - Evaluation of Seraseq FFPE Tumor Fusion RNA Reference Material for Use in Routine Clinical NGS Testing
  • Technical Topics
    • TT35 - Reliable Interpretation of NGS Data Using Well-Established, Highly Multiplexed Reference Materials
    • TT40 - A Novel ctDNA Reference Material Compared on NGS to dPCR
    • TT57 - New Precision Metrics for NGS Assay Quality Control
    • TT60 - Harmonizing NGS CNV Assays with Novel Reference Materials
    • TT69 - Comparing FFPE DNA Extraction Systems Using a Well-Characterized, Whole-Process Tumor Mutation Reference Material

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